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Name: Zan
Means of Contact: Journal PP; AIM @ moogle coffee
Age: 31
Other Characters Played: n/a
Name: Undertaker. Real name currently unknown.
Journal: exequies
Canon: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Age: Unknown; likely several centuries. His perceived age shifts significantly depending on his acting, but he physically looks to be in his early to mid-thirties.
Canon Point: Post-Weston School Arc from the manga.

Background Information:

Undertaker's personality can be accurately described as awful. Or terribly awful if you really want to be specific. He definitely fits the description of a 'trickster' or 'wildcard' character, though he's often described as a villain within his canon. Upon meeting him, most people would assume him to be a crazy and somewhat inappropriate old man.

But there's a lot more to him than meets the eye. In the manga, the first fifty or so chapters establish him as a mortician who works within Victorian London's underground society from a seedy borough of the city, somewhere approximately in the East End. He acts as a direct link between illegal activities perpetrated by unknown persons and Earl Ciel Phantomhive, whom he provides information about the cases the Queen sends the young Earl to investigate. For a price, of course. Despite what one might expect, Undertaker does not accept monetary compensation and expects to be entertained for his help instead. This 'entertainment', though suggestive sounding, is simply fulfilled by making him laugh in some way or another. In fact, laughter is so important to him that it can mean the difference between those he views as little more than tools and those he will actually go out of his way to protect.

His method of compensation may be his most notorious personality quirk but there are also many, many more he exhibits. Being called 'eccentric' would be a compliment. These quirks are (just to name a few): an utter disregard for others' personal space, maintaining abnormally long black painted fingernails, inappropriate giggling and sometimes drooling, and his habit of ending his sentences with a sing-song lilt. He's also apparently fond of baking, as he's commented several times on taking out fresh batches of cookies (which are shaped like bones and he stores inside of an urn) from the oven. Despite working closely with death and decay, his mood is always seemingly high, whimsical and a bit clownish. It understandably comes off as creepy to many of the other characters. But to compound it, he affectionately refers to the corpses that are delivered to his shop as his 'guests' or 'clients', and admits to removing their organs for research. Many of these quirks are intended to be off-putting in order to hide the fact that he is actually a Reaper (a semi-angelic being who collects the souls of the dead, recently revealed to have been humans who committed suicide in life), in disguise. The reason for this disguise is so that he can carry out his own interests into experimenting with humans' cinematic records and bring the dead back to life, since he's abandoned his true purpose of collecting souls and has become a 'deserter' to the cause.

The point in which that he pulls back on this act is in the Campania arc, revealing his true identity and nature. It's here that his personality shifts to be slightly more serious but much more manipulative and dangerous than first assumed. He's not afraid of using people as a means to and end or lying to them to achieve his goals. An example of this is when he tricked a prominent doctor into funding his research and consequentially unleashed a hoard of zombies on a ship full of innocent people, resulting in massive carnage and the sinking of the ship itself. His prowess in strategy and foresight is significant, which allows him to manipulate events to his favor. And in battle, he will use any means necessary to win, such as when he tricked Sebastian into attacking him head-on by temporarily taking Ciel as a hostage. The demon's blind rage allowed him to gain the upper hand and deal him a debilitating blow, though it did not completely kill him. Later, he tests Sebastian's loyalty again as well as observes whether he learned anything from his previous mistake by putting the demon in a similar situation.

But, for all of his nasty qualities and goals, his connection to the Phantomhives also seems to be very important to him. He shows a fondness and protective attitude towards Ciel, who he seems not to truly want to harm. There's even a semi-yandere moment when he goes so far as to attempt to kill Ciel's Butler, Sebastian, (who is a demon in a contract with the young Earl and will eventually devour his soul) after reviewing his cinematic record and deciding that "It seems you only cause the Earl misery, after all". Undertaker's history with the Phantomhives is still not entirely clear, but he worked with Ciel's father Vincent as well and shows genuine grief over the former's death by shedding tears at mere a photo of him. He also carries a funeral locket belonging to Ciel's grandmother (along with several other lockets of unknown origins) on a chain around his waist, which he claims to be his personal 'treasure'. These lockets are currently in Ciel's possession. Whatever emotional connection he has to the direct family line seems to be deep and genuine, which is curious given his otherwise callous use of humans. It does show that he's capable of a wider range of feelings and bonding, though.

He also seems to follow his own system of addressing people by some scale of respect. Ciel (and his father) are always 'Earl' and Sebastian is always 'Butler', but he addresses others by their true names instead of merely titles. Of course, even if he may respect someone it doesn't mean he won't laugh at their misfortune or take amusement out of needling them. He often makes very blunt observations on human nature (and humans themselves), and the more painfully ironic and tragic their struggles the more interesting they seem to be to him. Such as, when he disguised himself as a principal to an all-boys public school in response to doing the prefects there a 'favor' by covering up the murder of several fellow students and the school's vice-principal. Upon hearing their recounting of the murders in order to 'protect the school's traditions and save its reputation', and Ciel's disgusted reaction to it, Undertaker bursts out in gleeful laughter with the comment, "that's amazing!" Probably over both the story itself and the fact that Ciel has done some rather heinous crimes himself, such as ordering a mansion full of kidnapped children to be burned to the ground.

All in all, he's a more complex individual than one would assume, whose ultimate goals are still shrouded in mystery.


Regular Mode: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=75092376, Getting Warmer Mode: http://orig11.deviantart.net/cd1b/f/2011/207/c/2/undertaker_is_hot_by_celiaphantomhive-d4110ed.png
Hot Mode: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/36200000/Undertaker-Black-Butler-image-undertaker-black-butler-36249209-500-537.png

Being a Reaper gives Undertaker some exceptional abilities. First and foremost his double-irised eyes give him the ability to read and review a human's cinematic records. Most Reapers require glasses as this ability makes them horribly nearsighted, but Undertaker seems to have sharpened other senses in order to compensate for not wearing any.

He also possesses a death scythe, which is unbreakable and unique to every Reaper. His is quite large and takes the form of a traditional scythe with a miniature skeleton wearing a crown of thorns as it's handle and head where the blade is attached. Undertaker can hide this weapon as a sotoba--the wooden grave markings traditionally found in Japanese cemeteries. He often carries additional, regular sotoba beneath his robes to use as weapons as well.

He has shown that when fighting, he has greater speed and dexterity than most humans.

Undertaker has the innate ability to teleport from one location to another, as he is technically a spiritual being who can travel between the physical and non-physical planes.

And lastly, being a spiritual being means that he does not age or have the physical limitations of a human. Though he can be killed with a Reaper's scythe, he is immune to mortal death and will heal any wounds inflicted (even ones that would be fatal to a human) within a certain amount of time. He does, however, require sleep and at least some food to be comfortable.
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