Oct. 9th, 2016

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To help those of you who are totally canon blind and don't want to slog through all the chapters of the manga, here's a quick rundown of Undertaker:

+ He's around 6' to 6'1'' in his boots (which have heels). Flat footed he'd be around 5'9.5'' or so, adjusting for his lack of an official height. His grey hair falls a few inches past his butt and his bangs perpetually cover his eyes. According to the series' creator, he's "the most handsome" male in the series when his face is showing.

+ He has a series of stitch-like scars all across his body. The most noticeable ones are on his face, throat and pinky finger, but he also has them on his arms, chest, abdomen, and legs.

+ He's from an alternative timeline of 1889, England.

+ He has ties to the London criminal underworld and speaks in a semi-cockney, working class accent.

+ Supernatural beings do exist in his world. Specifically, grim reapers and demons. His canon is at least partly based on Abrahamic religion and medieval demonology, so it's likely that there are angels and a creator deity as well though they aren't mentioned specifically and have yet to show up in the manga.

+ He's responsible for the sinking of the Campania (paralleled to the Titanic), which he unleashed a zombie hoard onto. He later severed it in two with his death scythe after it hit an iceberg and was sinking.

+ Speaking of zombies, he is the creator of them in his world but he calls them Bizarre Dolls. They're created via a specific process and aren't the result of a virus. When a person dies, their soul is collected by a grim reaper but the body and its 'cinematic records' (basically the memories stored in the brain like a film reel) are left behind. By editing these cinematic records and cutting out the 'end', and attaching various never-ending loops to the records, the dead body mistakenly thinks it's alive and begins moving again. But because they lack a soul, Bizarre Dolls seek out humans in an attempt to capture a soul and settle the imbalance created by the run-away record. This is impossible, however, and they end up killing humans by literally opening them up to get at their souls.


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