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Content Warning: This app contains mentions of suicide and sexual themes.

Player Name: Zan
Preferred Pronouns?: She/her
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] indecorous or PP this journal
Other characters in play? N/A

Character Name: Undertaker, The
Canon: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Game Transplant: Carvaka
Original App: http://exequies.dreamwidth.org/1240.html
Game Summary: Carvaka was a part post-apocalyptic survival, part world regeneration and part sex game. Characters arrived and were greeted by a race of beings called The Hedonists, an alien bird-bug hybrid people who were attempting to restore the world back to its living state after something had gone horribly wrong in the past. This could only be accomplished with the powers of belief (according to them), which was solely fueled by sex. Abstaining from it would lead to a fairly slow and agonizing death of fading from existence. The more sex a character had, the greater their ability to create things using the powers of belief... as long as they were a 'normal' human. Characters brought in who already possessed non-standard or supernatural abilities found their own belief abilities to be much weaker, or barely usable at all, forcing them to depend on 'non-powered' characters for simple things like clothing and sustenance.

How long was your character in Game: One year, one month.
History of Character in their Game:
- When Undertaker arrived, one his first encounters was with another supernatural being named Renart. As a fox fairy tale, she had a personality that was similar enough to his own that they hit it off nearly instantly, and he depended on her quite a bit for information as well as survival. She was also the first to see his fully revealed face, though he didn't intend for that to be revealed to her so soon.

- His next significant meeting was with Monty Navarro, during an event where characters' memories had created a kind of chimeric dreamscape city. He was invited to the earl's party and conversed briefly with him over the man's dead parents. Here, he also met Cecil Palmer who he found to be intriguing in his weirdness. Not long after the party was over, the dreamscape began to crumble in on itself and collapse and left everyone at death's door in its wake. Undertaker survived with Monty's help, which allowed him to then find Renart and save her, as well.

- He was next outed by the Avatar of Truth over the network as being Death. It was a secret he hadn't planned on letting go of so quickly in this new environment, but he took it in stride.

- But trouble was just around the corner. Undertaker discovered that Renart and Monty were actually lovers, and very dramatic ones at that. After a fight between the two, things escalated and Undertaker took the fairy tale fox's side in the matter. The two concocted a plot to get back at Monty for his offenses, with Undertaker acting as Renart's new lover. This enraged Monty who decided that Undertaker must have been manipulating her, somehow. Eventually, he confronted the ex-reaper, who played the situation up with himself acting as the villain role. The ensuing fight wasn't much of a match, but Monty managed to win it only with the help of his sword (which was given to him by the avatar of truth in the game). He cut off Undertaker's hand, who wasn't all that concerned about it but Monty called for a healer regardless, restoring it and dropping the fight between them.

- Things went on like this for a month or two before Monty and Undertaker finally reconciled their differences. And a week later, Undertaker was called on to help stop Demyx from a destructive rampage through the settlement. He successfully subdued the Nobody, who had been gravely injured by Mikado during the fight and brought him into one of the cottages for emergency surgery. With his job completed, he left with the knowledge that Monty was now indebted to him for calling on him for a favor.

- Which, he eventually collected on. But it was soon after that the Hedonists meddled in the population yet again. Wishes were granted, and a certain fox turned all of her close acquaintances into foxes like her (because of course, they're the best animals). Undertaker was spared a full transformation and only gained the ears and tail, but other characters weren't as lucky. One of Renart's other victims was Methos, who Undertaker had briefly met before and had taken an instant liking to the snarky immortal's personality. In this instance, the immortal had been fully transformed into a fennec fox who the ex-reaper took home with him whether he wanted it or not. There he talked to the animal even if he couldn't answer him back, taking care of him and letting him sleep beside him until Methos returned to normal.

- It was around this time that he also ran into Cecil again and, unfortunately, fell into a scenario where the two thought they were lovers. It only became a problem after the fact when they had an awkward run-in at the library where emotions ran high. But they reconciled, mostly, with only Undertaker feeling like things had gotten a little too close between them for his own comfort.

- Then... Monty reared his head again. After Undertaker failed to properly take care of himself and was in semi-desperate need of 'not fading', they came to an agreement. Monty would come over every Wednesday to help make sure he was taken care of. This led to some complicated feelings between the two, for while their personalities were near opposites and they both found each other annoying in separate ways (and Monty was involved in his own relationships), there was an undeniable attraction between them. Undertaker waffled back and forth on how to handle it, often pushing the other man away before turning around and doing something almost romantic.

- At the same time, Undertaker was keeping up flirtations with Methos. The two had a few more encounters and the ex-reaper even helped the immortal fight off monstrous wolves that had broken into the city by protecting the other man. Undertaker learned a bit more about who Methos actually was, but the bigger revelation came at a later point.

- A nightmare reality trapped everyone into reliving their worst fears, and though Undertaker was spared having to face his own, he was pulled into several other people's dreams. He assisted Methos, Monty and Cecil individually with Methos' fears impacting him the greatest. Afterward, he showed up at the immortal's doorstep and shared his own personal losses with him. The two talked and decided to begin seeing each other on a more regular basis and semi-live together.

- These plans came crashing down, however, when the world was stripped of belief abilities. Everything that had been made previously with those powers vanished, and all characters were reduced to a baseline human. Methos fell ill, Monty and Renart went missing and Undertaker was left scrambling to survive. He nursed Methos back to health as well as he was able but in the end, he disappeared as well...

How did they change from their canon personality wise? Over the course of the year, Undertaker became attached to several other characters and was just beginning to acknowledge that he might have deeper feelings for a few of them. Namely, Methos and Monty though he also grew very fond of Renart. He was accepting the fact that he would probably never go back to his original world and was making plans to start creating a new existence for himself and lay his old life to rest. This was a significant change for him, considering how inherently selfish and obsessed with the past he had been upon first coming to Carvaka.

And while at his core his personality didn't change much, he was beginning to not treat everything as a joke or humans as objects of amusement. That isn't to say he wasn't still annoying and vexing with his sense of humor, but it had tempered itself somewhat around the people he had become involved with.

How did they change from their canon physically?: Most noticeably, Undertaker is thinner from not having reliable sources of food for so long. He did attempt to eat real food as much as possible while in Carvaka, but he's shed a good ten to fifteen pounds of his canon muscle mass. As of end-game, he also cut his nails off to a regular length. They are unpainted, as well. He was stuck as a base-line human upon the game's last event, removing all of his powers and his immortality.

Powers: None. Canon powers available for regain, though, are
-the ability to summon his death scythe
-anti-gravity (giving him the ability to leap and run ridiculous distances as well as float)
-the ability to see, view and edit cinematic records

-a pair of black, high-heeled, thigh-high boots
-an undershirt
-a black, long sleeved collared shirt
-a hair tie
-a pair of black trousers
-Claudia P.'s mourning locket
-nail clippers
-a small, copper tea kettle

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Note: I've picked threads that do not contain any explicit sexual content, though the topic itself and innuendos may come up.
Sample One: Network post
Sample Two: Undertaker and Methos' first meeting
Sample Three: Being outed as Death by Truth

Notes: Anything else?


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